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Sleep Duration Versus Sleep Insufficiency as Predictors of...

Introduction I chose to review the article, â€Å"Sleep Duration Versus Sleep Insufficiency as Predictors of Cardiometabolic Health Outcomes† (Altman et al., 2012). This article is particularly interesting to me because the methods and design utilized by the authors are similar to the research that I am currently involved in. I am also particularly interested in behavioral interventions for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. What is currently understood about the relationship between sleep and BMI suggests that these phenomena may have several contributing metabolic factors. During undisturbed, slow-wave sleep, energy is conserved in slower heart rate, digestion, and muscle activity and may be redirected to immune function and hormone synthesis and dispersal during slow-wave sleep (Jung, Melanson, Frydendall, Perreault, Eckel, Wright, 2010). Thus an appropriate level of quality sleep for humans is important for overa ll energy homeostasis. As many Americans face numerous metabolic disorders, especially obesity, it is important to determine the behavioral factors that contribute to these conditions. Information in this regard will aid in more evidence-based, behavioral interventions for the prevention of these diseases. Behavioral interventions will, in turn, save our health care system in treatment costs as well as reduce mortality for growing generations. The investigation of possible protective

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People migrate to America Free Essays

Reading Amy Tan’s â€Å"Two Kinds† for the first time is confusing. The message is not quite clear until one studies the context of the story. The story deals with immigrants and the American expectation for success, but primarily of a daugthters relationship to her mother. We will write a custom essay sample on People migrate to America or any similar topic only for you Order Now â€Å"Two Kinds† tells the story of Jing-mei and her mother. Jing-mei’s mother migrated to America after â€Å"losing everything in China. † When she was young, Jing-mei’s mother told her the potential o being successful in America. â€Å"You can be a prodigy,† her mother says. Her mother had given Jing-mei piano lessons such that her talents will show. Eventhough Jing-mei recognizes that she has the talent, she refuses to give herself into it because she felt a sense of rebellion inside her. She was not able to show her true talents because of her own shortcomings. In the end her mother gives up her hopes for her daughter. The conflict lies within Jing-mei. She wants to be something else and at the same time she wants just to be herself. She was at first just as excited to find her prodigy. But she felt the pressure coming from her mother and at the same time she felt impatient for it. Her mother. however, tried to impose to her what she cannot be. â€Å"I won’t let her change me,† she tells herself in the mirror. Once she found out her inclination, she refused to pursue and sharpen it partly because of her defiance towards her mother. Her mother, on the other hand, acted the way she did because of her dream of success. People migrate to America in search of greener pastures, but scholars believe that what the immigrants could not achieve they pass to their sons or daughters. Jing-mei was a victim of such circumtance. Although, it was also the intention of her mother to see her daughter succeed in life, Jing-mei felt she’s being pushed to something she’s not. Jing-mei did not see that her mother had deep faith in her. Many years had passed before Jing-mei realized her mother’s attempt to bring out her â€Å"prodigy† and found her true self. She had already realized her â€Å"prodigy† during the piano recital but she remained defiant. Even during her lessons, she knew she could be good at it, even become great with it. But she did not will it to happen. At her recital, she was confident she could do it, but because she did not take her lessons seriously, it ended shamefully for her and for her parents. When she grew old, her parents gave her as a gift the piano her mother bought for her when she was young. She was at first reluctant to accept it. Her mother explained: â€Å"this your piano†¦ Always your piano. You only one can play†¦ You have natural talent. You could be a genius if you want to. † Jing-mei found the gift as a peace offering. It gave her a chance to try again without feeling that she was doing it for the benefit of someone else. Playing it again, she found it easy enough to prove her mother had been right. In the end of the story where Jing-mei played the piano after some years without doing so, she played the â€Å"Pleading Child,† the same piece she played unsuccessfully during the recital. She also noticed for the first time the piece on the opposite side entitled â€Å"Perfectly Contented. † Jing-mei understood that she was playing two halves of the same song, and it reflected her feelings. She was the pleading child and when she realized her mother’s intentions and trust to her, she became perfectly contented. The story’s moral runs two ways. First is with the parents not to push their sons or daughters too hard as to give them a hard time. They are, after all, just children who does not understand the real world. Second is for the children to be obedient to their parents, for parents only want what is best for their children. A jing-mei’s mother expressed: â€Å"Only two kinds of daughters†¦ Those who are obedient and those who follow their own mind. † It was unfortunate that Jing-mei did not realize that her internal conflict did not arise from her mother’s expectations but from the love and faith her mother had for her until her mother had already died. The story also points that one’s â€Å"prodigy† lies in the person’s will to succeed. Jing-mei’s failure at the recital was because she lacked the will to succeed, and at the same time, her rebeliousness towards her mother. It could be said as well that had her mother not pushed her too hard, Jing-mei could have done better and she would have pursued it at her own will. I was not able to recognize the message the first time I read the story, most especially the connection of the piano pieces mentioned at the end: the â€Å"Pleading Child† and â€Å"Perfectly Contented. † But after reading it again and researching the context of the story, I came to appreciate it as giving lessons to parents and children. At the same time, the story also points to the importance of will power to the success of a person. Defiance blinds us that even when we recognize our own strenghts and weaknesses, we sometimes refuse to let it show just to prove that others are wrong. We tell ourselves â€Å"I am who I am† without really knowing who we really are. But the beauty of it all is that at the end of the day, we will come to realize our own shortcomings when left to find who we really are by ourselves. Summing up the lesson given by the story, it is best to be both kinds: the kind that is obedient towards one’s parents and the kind that follows one’s own heart. It may not always be the case but, usually, once parents find out their child’s talents, they can’t help but enforce it, which, in the end, is best for the child. Show what you got and your parents will surely back you up. Works Cited Tan, Amy. â€Å"Two Kinds. † How to cite People migrate to America, Essays

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GLUEP BALL EXPERIMENT Essay Example For Students

GLUEP BALL EXPERIMENT Essay DarinaVrublevskaya Observations TRIAL ONE TRIAL TWO BALL REST Does not maintain its shape Maintains its shape BALL BOUNCE Does not bounce and sticks onto the desk Does bounce, about 15 cm up THIN STRIP The strip pulls off and falls The strip holds together PULL ENDS SLOWLY Falls apart Gluepstretches far PULL ENDS QUICKLY Falls apart Snaps into two Questions In glue the tangled molecules make glue thick and viscous rather than thin and runny. When glue is exposed to air, the water evaporates, leaving the tangled polymer molecules. The tangled molecules stick to the surfaces on which they dried, and hold the surfaces together. Boraxhas ionscan form links between the long, thin polymer molecules in the gluewhich makesGluepmore like a solid than the plain liquid glue.It allowsholdingits shape for a short time, and as long as it is not strained. WhenGlueprests, the flexible network gradually relaxes, and theGluepflattens. WhenGluepis stretched quickly, the links between molecules break, and theGluepsnaps apart into pieces. Gluepcontains a lot of waterthat contributesto the liquid-like properties toGluep. If theGluepis left exposed to open air, the water will evaporate, and theGluepwill gradually stiffen. Altering the materials affected the consistency of theGluepball because each substance that was added into the mixture had different types of ions which made the texture different, and theGluepball act differently too. This is all linked to stoichiometry because it is the relationship between the relative quantities of substances taking part in a reaction or forming a compound, typically a ratio of whole integers. In this experiment, we compared substances and have observed different types of reactions to them. Works Cited FLINN Scientific Canada.(2013).Glue Slime.Retrieved from https://www.flinnsci.ca/glue-slime/dc91643/ SciFun.(2014).Gluep- Solid or Liquid?Retrieved from http://scifun.chem.wisc.edu/HomeExpts/gluep.htm

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PunchDub Campaign Evaluation Essay Example

PunchDub Campaign Evaluation Essay Evaluate the PunchDub campaign that the Deutsch LA agency developed when it took over the Volkswagen of America account. Discuss the pros and cons of the campaign and assess the way it was implemented by the agency. After reading the article on Volkswagen Punch Dub campaign that the Deutsch LA agency created. The primary goal of the Punch Hub campaign developed by Deutsch LA was to raise awareness of the Volkswagen product line in North American market.However, one of the challenges VW faces is that consumers know the VW brand but are not buying the company’s cars as awareness is very high. The Punch Hub campaign was designed to address this problem and make consumers aware of the other vehicles in the VW product line such as the Passat, Golf and GTI. They built this campaign around the classic Punch Buggy (or Slug Bug) game. The Deutsch LA reached a market through IMC which was a TV commercial doing the 2010 Super Bowl.The advertisement tapped into every generation that watched the 2010 Super Bowl. I didn’t see to many cons in its campaign the only con was made online by VM competitors. The Punch Dub campaign accomplished what it was trying to achieve, to reach a new market and get its other brand of cars known to the world, with the commercial and VW dealers and the online media. The Punch Hub campaign was implemented by using variety of IMC tools and was a very good way to address the VW market in facing of low awareness for many vehicles in its product line.One limitation that might be noted is that of whether consumer would actually take the time to become e ngaged with the online campaign and play the PunchDub game. Consumers who did not do so would not learn more about the VW product line and one might argue that the IMC program would have been more effective if the monies had been spent by promoting the entire product line more directly. However, this would have been very expensive and may not have been as engaging and effective as the PunchDub campaign. We will write a custom essay sample on PunchDub Campaign Evaluation specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on PunchDub Campaign Evaluation specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on PunchDub Campaign Evaluation specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer