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Airports And Airplanes I Was A Dream For Me - 1107 Words

Airports/Airplanes I love traveling. If I could travel my whole life without stopping, I most certainly would. The idea of going to new places, experiencing a new culture, and embarking on unique journeys is beautiful to me and my favorite way to travel is through airplanes. I have always wanted to fly, if I could have any superpower, it would be the power of flight, so naturally airplanes are a dream for me. I love the sensation of taking off as the plane rises to the sky and you commence whatever trip you may be taking. I love being on a flight where it is completely acceptable to only watch movies, eat,and sleep, but I also love the people on planes. Airplanes carry passengers each with their own story and life, the idea that each of the people sitting beside you on a plane has a mind and life of their own, a reason to travel wherever the plane may be going, is just so unbelievably fascinating to me. Not only do I love airplanes, but I love airports just as much. Many people canno t stand even the thought of a busy, cluttered airports, but I like busy. I like messy, crazy, I live for it. Airports give you a view of the city from the stores, restaurants, and shops that sell the city to you, but most of all I like looking at the city. From an airport, you can see the city, the skyline, the beautiful lights or the lack thereof, you can see the places you’ve always dreamed of. Airports and airplanes are one of my great loves in this world and no matter how old I get thatShow MoreRelatedThe First Journey to a New Beginning1292 Words   |  5 Pagesthe screen in front of her, I looked around the waiting lounge. It was the last time I would see it for a very long time. I turned round and for a minute just took one last glance of the place I was leaving behind. My eyes moved from one corner of the airport lounge to the other. From the people scattered around the lounge, to the children running about, to the empty chair behind the information desk before final ly resting my gaze on the tiny teashop in the corner where I had just sat and drank waterRead MoreMy Experience At My Life741 Words   |  3 Pages September 14th, 2011, the last day I have in Manado, Indonesia. My family and friends were in the airport, waiting for me, while I was checking in my luggage. When I went back, all of my friends were standing and smiling at me. I know they were sad, but they tried to cover it with their smile. I gave each one of them a t-shirt that has writing about them, and they gave me the same thing. We talked, laughed, and joked around until it was time for me to go. Tears were falling down on theirRead MoreCommercial Aviation Management824 Words   |  4 Pageslong as I can remember, airplanes, airports and flying, has always fascinated me. During my childhood, we lived on the top floor of a high-rise building located directly on the Pearson Airport’s landing and take off flight path. I use to spend countless hours just gazing the sky watching airplanes. When I was old enough to operate a pc, the MS Flight Simulator was my favorite game that helped me learn and understand the various features of a cockpit and how to takeoff and land a plane. I had decidedRead MoreMy First Airplane Bus For Atlanta Airport871 Words   |  4 Pages Have you ever been on an airplane? Well I have. My First airplane ride was kind of unusual and never will be was a long exciting day and a lot of crazy stuff happened. From getting a ticket registered almost not able to get through the security gate, plane delays, and a big tragedy. It was an early Friday morning it was like 4 something, as my mom and me walked out the door to go to the car, still in a daze from being awaken so early I climbed in the front seat and we were on ourRead MoreThe Day Of My Life968 Words   |  4 Pagesbody. I was finally about to see my father after four long years. I was only six years old when he left. The day of his visit came and went like time in an hourglass. However, I can still recall every single detail pertaining that day and his visit. The atmosphere was filled with joy and excitement. I remember a tall, brown man walking in the house wearing an all-black suit. This style of clothing was very new to us because we’d never seen it before, but it brought a sense of professionalism. I alsoRead MoreMy Experience At An International Airport1600 Words   |  7 Pagesnew town? When I was just four years old, I was thrown into a very busy atmosphere - an airport. Even at such a young age, I have a vivid memory of my first experience travelling. An international airport is such a melting pot. It was a whole new experience for me. I’m from a small town, and I’m used to knowing just about everyone I see. So taking my first stroll through the Norfolk International Airport almost felt like a dream. Who are all these people and where are they going, I would think. AllRead MoreSuperman and Paula Brown’s New Snowsuit862 Words   |  4 Pagesit was first in 1941 the US entered the war. My guess is then, that the story takes place in the winter of 1941. There are a lot of hints that tells us that it is war time, like: Uncle Frank is â€Å"waiting to be drafted† – he is waiting to join the army, the narrator wins a prize for drawing the best civil defense signs and Sheldon pretends to be nazi. I did a research on our narrator Sylvia Plath, and I found out that this story is an episode from her childhood. Out of these information’s I mustRead MoreFernando, A Mexican-American Male Who Was Born In Los Angeles,1084 Words   |  5 PagesFernando, a Mexican-American male who was born in Los Angeles, California. He is 26 years old and currently in an exclusive relationship. Furthermore, he is a senior Mechanical Engineer major in University of California, Irvine. Fernando has been having Acrophobia, a phobia of height, for almost seven years, and every time he participates in any activities which involving climbing or elevating to a high place, he becomes anxious and fearful of the height which results him in incapability of accomplishingRead MoreThe Great Invention of the Airplane1307 Words   |  5 PagesThe airplane is a very normal word today. But it is a new word at least a hundred years. Then I want to talk about airplanes’ history, airplanes’ compani es, personal business, global trade, and the benefit for international students and traveling. In my view, those parts are very important about airplanes has changed people’s lives. A lot of people believe that airplanes bring many benefits to our life. I agree with this idea because airplanes are one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth centuryRead MoreDescriptive Essay About Trip To Cancun1205 Words   |  5 Pagesharder onto the resort. I couldn’t sleep ;the storm kept going on for hours and it wouldn’t stop. I thought it was going to be a peaceful night ; I thought wrong. Three months ago I received a text message from my father explaining that we re going on a trip to Cancun on July 4th . Boy was I excited I never been out of the country before. I couldn t wait to leave and get away from this annoying town and go somewhere peaceful. My dreams are actually coming true. I raced down the hallway to

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